Yorkshire Museum, Museum Gardens

August 2010

Yorkshire Museum – entrance/video presentation

The Yorkshire Museum in the Museum Gardens opened on 1 August 2010 after a major refurbishment, and I visited a week or so later. Like the nearby library, the newly-refurbished museum seems lighter and brighter, and … More …

Curvy 1930s

29 June 2009

When museums are free to enter, and the museums in one’s hometown are recognised as nationally important, it seems like looking a gift horse in the mouth not to go and visit them every now and then. So it seemed like time to pop into the … More …

National Railway Museum

9 July 2007

The weather has been so terrible this summer that outdoor wanderings have been difficult to accomplish. It seemed a good idea then to investigate some of York’s indoor attractions. This seemed an even better idea when I realised that so many of them are free. No … More …