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It’s now the school holidays, the best ones of all, the long summer holidays. (Though as I recall they never seemed long enough and September and school came around again too quickly.)

In Acomb, this summertime’s play has been enhanced by this new playground, recently installed. An email from Acomb alerted me to it. Thanks to Sean, who also sent me these photos.

I don’t often pass Acomb Green these days. Used to know it well though. When we were young we had the usual 1970s/80s metal swings, slide, and roundabout. This looks much more impressive.

There’s so much going on in the centre of York, in the ‘historic core’ within the walls, and also around our two universities. I notice in particular that despite the difficult economic climate there appears to be money pouring in to our art galleries and museums, and the university sites, with a real buzz about the place, and endless enhancements.

I’ve wondered if perhaps things don’t feel so exciting and inclusive if you’re living in the city’s suburbs, where it may be more a case of places closing down, rather than opening up.

The view of one Acomb resident on the new play park:

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  1. Hello, Just read this piece on the green and thought I would provide a link to how the green got its funding and the process behind it.

    A local lady called Judith did all the work and she is part of the Friends group for the green.

    I asked her to write something and I have done a bit more research and we can still get lottery funding for these types of projects. So other areas in the city could easily be regenerated if someone has the time.

    I have managed to get some help to develop TalkYork and I hope it now looks a bit more usable. The aim of the site is to become a useful point of information for all things to do with York.

    I hope the story below helps someone else.

  2. YorkStories

    Thanks John, great article. Have included your link in the ‘More info’, above. Your site’s looking good.

  3. Great review of the work done by the friends of Acomb Green.Shows what a group of locals can achieve! Well done Jude for getting the grant!! It’s great to see people bringing a picnic and enjoying the Green.

  4. Ian Walker

    I have just re-read the book about Acomb (the place of the oaks) which has brought back many memeories of my Childhood days. I was born in Acomb in 1940 at the Maternity Hospital on York Road. My father was John Walker who was an owner of 2 garages one was Green Lane Garage, and the Other The Autoport York Road. My mother was Bessie Collingbourne of the Collingbourne family opposite THe Green, Archie Collingbourne was my mothers half brother and was born at the Brittania Inn (near St Stephens church) If you are interested in having copies of the photos I can willingly let you have them My Grandfather(paternal) and Grandmother lives at Danesbury house for many years. Also the picture inthe book “sisters Walker” were Jessie & Kathleen(in the Photo) Walker Regards Ian Walker

    • Fiona LeareyBowles

      Hello Ian. I read your comment with great interest! I live in Australia and am researching and writing the story of my grandmother’s life. Clara Dutton lived on The Green, Acomb. She worked for the Collingborne family prior to going into nursing, then served in QAIMNS during WW1 where she met a wounded Australian soldier, (my grandfather). She came to Australia in 1920 and stayed with Jack & Florrie Hawkins on arrival in Sydney, (Jack being Ada (nee Collingborne) & Joe’s son). We planned a research trip to York later this year, but due to COVID restriction, fear that may be delayed until next year. Was your grandfather one of Ada’s brothers? Mum remembers a story from Grandma, that ‘the boys’ said they needed a coal chisel to cut her pastry. Would love any snippets you can share. Thanks.

    • Fiona LeareyBowles

      Hello again, Ian. What is the book you refer to about Acomb?
      Thanks, Fiona

    • Gary simpson

      I served my apprenticeship for jack collingbourne at the garage on acomb green from 1970 to 1988 ru related to him he had old photos of the garage in his office I av been trying to find some for years don’t no if you can help thanks

  5. My dad was born and grew up in Acomb with his two brothers and his parents had a newsagents on Howe street, they then moved to front street (I’m not sure on that). Their shop was had Heald on the front and I wondered if anyone on here remembers it or any of the Healds? He was born in 1950 and all three boys went to different schools around Acomb. I’d love to know about the shop and them! Thank you!

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