Springtime in Yorkshire, in other years

It’s the Easter weekend, and the last day of the month of March. It’s been a cold and dark March this year.
I’ve been looking through my vast collection of images from many walks in Yorkshire in springtime in previous years. Thought I’d share some, of fields, paths, churches, … More …

After Beeching: railway remains /2

Brick arched viaduct seen across riverside greenery

Some years ago, the now old-fashioned OS paper maps made me realise the extent of our railway network before ‘Beeching’s Axe’. Those orange-covered Explorer maps, with their beautiful detail. Including, all over, bits of ‘Dismantled Railway’. Curving lines broken in places but still traceable across the landscape.

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After Beeching: railway remains /1

Perspective view, dirt track between greenery, into distance, under brick bridge

It’s 50 years since the Beeching report was published. Seems a good time to steam through my collection of photos from walks in Yorkshire which included parts of those abandoned routes, and their surviving railway architecture.

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Wishes and white roses: Richard III, again

An email I received recently, from a York resident:

‘I feel embarrassed for York, which is not a feeling I care for at all. It’s been wonderful to read your good sense on all this … once I talk to people about this (those who aren’t bored rigid by it … More …