Fewston Reservoir

3 May 2004

Fewston Reservoir is situated to the north of Otley, and is close to the
A59. We parked in a layby on the A59 and walked
a circular route around the reservoir, which took us through bluebell woods,
across the impressive dam, and back alongside fields containing some very
photogenic young lambs. We visited on 3 May 2004.

For more information, and maps, see the links at the foot of the page.

View across Fewston Reservoir, May 2004

passing through a wooded area alongside the road, the path opens out and
skirts the reservoir, with wooded areas to the left.

Fewston Reservoir was constructed in 1879. It is now owned and managed
by Yorkshire Water, following the privatisation of the water industry in
1989. They are, their website tells us, the region’s largest landowner,
with the stewardship of 72,000 acres of land.

Bluebells – woodland by Fewston Reservoir

path takes us through woodland, which at this time of year is particularly
beautiful as the bluebells are in bloom.

Geese and goslings, Fewston Reservoir

the reservoir, geese and goslings swam around, the older birds appearing
quite stately, the young ones rather more busy-looking, working hard to
keep up.

Fewston Reservoir dam

After emerging from the woodland, we cross a road over the reservoir’s impressive
dam – this rather beautiful curved construction. It’s a very calming place
to stop for a moment. Possibly not if it was pouring with rain and freezing
cold. But we were lucky to have warm sunshine on our backs.

On descending from the road, the path continues around the other side of
the reservoir.

Memorial to J R Rundle

this side of the reservoir there were several people fishing. As we passed
them, I noticed this memorial plaque on the banks next to the path, commemorating
the life of J R Rundle. Mr Rundle died on 8 May 1990 ‘whilst fishing here,
his favourite pleasure.’

Spring lambs, Fewston Reservoir walk, May 2004
Spring lamb, Fewston Reservoir walk, May 2004

The final stretch of this walk took us past fields full of spring lambs,
who, though at first shy, became rather curious, and stayed around to have
their photos taken.

Spring lambs, Fewston Reservoir walk, May 2004

More information

Bing map – Fewston Reservoir

The reservoir is owned and managed by Yorkshire Water. The Yorkshire Water website has maps of routes around Fewston and other reservoirs.

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