It’s the ’shortest day’ today, the winter solstice. Usually on 21 December, sometimes on 22 December, as this year. This is perhaps why I woke up at 5am, and am now sitting at my computer at 8am. My desk faces east, and I can see the sky lightening, all pale and hopeful on the horizon, with a breeze blowing the grey clouds away.

I think I’ll be too busy to go out with my camera today, but my page from a wander on the 2004 winter solstice is still on this website.

It was I think this day in 2003 that my first digital camera arrived, from A Christmas present to myself, it cost £173. I took lots of pictures of the Christmas tree, the fireplace, our Christmas dinner … and then in January went off wandering up Marygate.

There are now around 380 pages on this site – 105 of them compiled in that first year.

The first year it was driven by my enthusiasm, since then it’s been supported by your emails, as without the positive comments I receive I doubt I would have continued this project. Thank you for your kind words.

This site continues to be independent, and ad-free, but thanks to book sales I hope to be able to afford to renew the domain name next month …

Christmas is of course approaching, and so I’d like to wish everyone happy festivities and good cheer.

I’m hoping to add updates over the Christmas and New Year period, so please pop by if you’re wanting a break from sitting with the family watching The Sound of Music.

all the best

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  1. Andy Tuckwell

    Happy Christmas to you too, Lisa.

    I discovered York Stories only recently, and find it a wonderful reminder of why I so much liked living in York, many years ago. So please do keep up the good work – it’s always a treat when I pop by and find some new pictures and more of your thoughtful observations.

  2. Thank you Andy, much appreciated. And thanks too for your photos, included on these pages.

    Hope you have happy festivities. Will try to get out with my camera for the traditional Christmas day walk – but not expecting to have a frozen Ouse to photograph, as I did last year!

  3. I was given this web-site to explore and it’s great as I am from York Layerthorpe now living overseas I know lots of the old places and it brings back memories of the time I lived in the City
    Thanks Lisa for doing a great job on the web-site I have a couple of old photo’s of the City as well of a guy that used to live in Downhill Street Layerthorpe I will send to you. Thanks.

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