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There are several consultations currently running on the City of York Council website, all asking for our views on the future shaping of the city. In fact so many that I think I may have to spend the whole of the summer reading consultation background documents, and may get some insight into the workload of our local councillors. I feel almost over-consulted.

Here’s a list, partly for anyone who has missed the publicity on these, partly for me so I can find them all again. All are open for comment until 31 July and comments can be made via an online form.

Local Heritage List

Formerly known as ‘the Local List’. This survey, which can be completed online, asks if we support the principle of adopting this list. Can I suggest that the answer to this is ‘Yes’. Particularly if you enjoy this website, which has over the years focussed on the kind of buildings featured on the list. The draft list is online at Many buildings on it have already been demolished, and more are under threat. So please support the adoption of the Local Heritage List in case it can do something to protect those remaining.

More information and online survey form here. See also a recent letter to The Press.

Streetscape Strategy and Guidance

A report ‘to encourage a quality approach to the management of our streets and spaces, to ensure consistency, and to underline the importance of moving towards a fully accessible city.’ The draft report must be good as it features on the front, coincidentally, a handsome close-up shot of those stable paviours recently featured on these pages.

More information and online survey form here and relevant documents here.

Local Plan

Saving the longest and biggest till last. I’m sure everyone’s heard by now about the Local Plan, which is Very Important Indeed, in a very big way, and concerns the overall vision for the city’s future, what is built, where we build it. There’s much inflammatory misinformation floating about, so I guess we all have a duty to read and digest the supporting information, which will probably take all summer. There are many ways to find out more.

More information here.

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