River is up … wheel is up

The waters of the Ouse have done their usual autumn/winter thing, and the river level has risen dramatically after recent rain. The wider waters offered bigger reflections of the big sunset, and the big wheel.

wheel_sunset_091211_450.jpgMore …

River Ouse view, 1977


[Photo: Andy Tuckwell]

Queen’s Staith in its scruffier days. I liked it better like this, to be honest …

Frozen Ouse, 2010

December 2010


We endured hideously freezing weather through December 2010, so cold that rivers froze over in places. And we were all saying we’d never seen anything like it, this big freeze.

Of course, it wasn’t the first time the … More …

Dirty old river

March 2008

River view – Foss, York

The website for the Hungate development says that this area by the river Foss will be "a place to breathe, relax and unwind." Not at the moment it aint. Here’s a few river views of mine, taken … More …


26 November 2006

View of a swollen River Ouse, November 2006

I’m trying to avoid the Christmas shoppers, so I’m going the other way. As far away as possible. I started thinking I’d have a quick late afternoon dash around the “Lammas Lands”. It … More …