After Beeching: railway remains /2

Brick arched viaduct seen across riverside greenery

Some years ago, the now old-fashioned OS paper maps made me realise the extent of our railway network before ‘Beeching’s Axe’. Those orange-covered Explorer maps, with their beautiful detail. Including, all over, bits of ‘Dismantled Railway’. Curving lines broken in places but still traceable across the landscape.

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After Beeching: railway remains /1

Perspective view, dirt track between greenery, into distance, under brick bridge

It’s 50 years since the Beeching report was published. Seems a good time to steam through my collection of photos from walks in Yorkshire which included parts of those abandoned routes, and their surviving railway architecture.

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Leeman Road demolitions: sentimental version

[a more factual piece to follow, if I can find the energy/time. It’s December, everything’s grim, I’m not being paid for this and frankly I can’t be bothered. But this was from the heart, so do read on … ]

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York, by haiku

Looking upwards, to station sign: YORK - and ornate top of iron column, and glass and iron roof

Slow sliding into
gentle curve of roof. Alight.
Four letters spell home.

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More (very early) railway heritage

19th century iron water tank, against blue sky

Railway enthusiasts will know about this significant structure already, but perhaps the significance of it isn’t generally appreciated. A reminder of our very first, temporary, railway station.

And photos of similar, smaller ones at other stations in Yorkshire.

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