Where once there was a church: St Maurice’s

One of the best things about compiling pages on this site is the way one thing leads to another, one local detail reminds me of another, things naturally link, and I can just wander off wherever the fancy takes me and the subject matter suggests.

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Lost Layerthorpe

1930s pub

Memories of the Layerthorpe area and its terraced streets, and the John Bull. Including a YouTube video about the pub and the campaign to save it. It also records a lost landscape in its wider views of the street and surrounding area – note the gasometer.

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Subtext magazine, 1995-6


Subtext, a York-based magazine, appeared in the mid-1990s, at the tail-end of a Tory government. The National Lottery had been running for about a year. York’s ABB carriage works was about to close. … More …