My dongle is broken

Thankfully these pages seem to be loading at normal speed now, rather than at snail’s pace. For most people. Not for me, as my wireless dongle keeps disconnecting and has had to be disabled.

I’ve had to resort to my slow (backup) wifi connection, which is a bit like being back on a dial-up connection, for anyone who remembers those.

I’m mentioning this predicament mainly because I love the word ‘dongle’, and don’t get much cause to use it.

Despite the disabled dongle, this rusty old burger van of a web presence trundles on in the slow lane, with the brightly-lit articulated lorry of the City of York Council’s ‘York800′ ‘York Stories’ project looming in the rear-view mirror.

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  1. Hi Lisa,maybe you should ‘never let your Dongle,dangle in the dirt’!!

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