Balloon tree sculpture

June 2011

Balloon tree sculpture

I know I’m not the only person who appreciates the aesthetic qualities of bits of old rusted metal and takes pictures of venerable forgotten iron railings. When rusty metal is turned into a sculpture that’s even better, as I realised when I saw The Angel of the North, which made me cry like a soppy idiot.

This sculpture isn’t anywhere near as big as The Angel of the North, but it’s very beautiful, and as it has been placed in the grounds of Bootham Park, on Bootham, it’s much nearer than that famous sculpture in the Gateshead area.

In difficult economic times people sometimes moan about money being ‘wasted’ on things like this. I didn’t think we’d see much more outdoor sculpture appearing, in this age of austerity, in the current economic climate, so it’s good to see the ‘Balloon tree’, by metalwork artist John Walker.

The sculpture was chosen from three suggested designs, by service users and staff at the hospital, and represents a symbol of hope. For me, the beautiful oak leaf shapes bring to mind that phrase about mighty oaks growing from little acorns.

Balloon tree sculpture – leaves detail
Balloon tree sculpture – 'trunk' detail


More information

£2.7 million revamp of Bootham Park Hospital unveiled

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