Changes, 2004-2012

Reading about York’s alleged resistance to change, and how difficult it is to get things moving, has encouraged me to search out a list I started in 2009, of changes noticed in our ‘built environment’ while this website has been online.

  • Closure of Terry’s factory. Partial demolition. Awaiting redevelopment.
  • Closure of sugarbeet factory. Demolished. Awaiting redevelopment.
  • Closure of part of Rowntree factory site. Partial demolition. Awaiting redevelopment.
  • Clearance and redevelopment on both sides of Heworth Green (houses, apartments & offices)
  • Demolition in Hungate area. Partially redeveloped (apartments).
  • Demolition of Burton Croft. Redeveloped (apartments)
  • Demolition of Abbots Mews Hotel. Redeveloped (apartments)
  • Demolition, and restoration/redevelopment, Ogleforth (apartments)
  • Demolition of St Barnabas school. Redeveloped (housing)
  • Demolition of The Magpie, Penley Grove St. Redeveloped (apartments)
  • Demolition of garage, Bootham Row. Redeveloped (retail & apartments)
  • Demolition of INL club, Hope St (Walmgate). Redeveloped (apartments)
  • Demolition of Groves WMC, Penley Grove St. Redeveloped (houses & apartments)
  • Clearance and redevelopment of Moss St depot site (apartments)
  • Demolition & rebuilding of shops, Spurriergate (retail)
  • Demolition of toilet block, Parliament St. Remodelled (paved open space)
  • Demolition of hutments, behind art gallery. Awaiting redevelopment (as garden, arts space)
  • Renovation of St Clement’s church hall, Moss St (community building)
  • Renovation of York College for Girls building, Petergate (restaurant)
  • Renovation of Stubbs’ building, Fossgate (restaurant)
  • Renovation of St Anthony’s Hall, Peasholme Green (Quilt Museum)
  • Renovation of coach house & school buildings, Peasholme Green (retail, cafe, arts)
  • Renovation of electricity sub-station, Tanner’s Moat (cycle hire, sales, parking)
  • Renovation of Purey Cust, Precentors Court (ongoing)
  • Renovation of Bonding Warehouse, Skeldergate (ongoing, stalled)
  • Building of St John’s College extensions, Clarence St
  • Building of new York College, Tadcaster Rd
  • Building of new schools on Hamilton Drive, Jubilee Terrace, Rawcliffe Lane
  • Demolition of swimming pool, Barbican Centre. Awaiting redevelopment (hotel)
  • Demolition of council refuse site, Foss Islands Rd. Redeveloped (retail)
  • Building of new refuse/recycling facilities at Hazel Court, James St
  • Refurbishment of York library (York Explore)
  • Refurbishment of Castle Museum, including Raindale Mill
  • Major refurbishment of Yorkshire Museum
  • Building of new ArcLight Centre, Clarence St
  • Construction of new link road, Layerthorpe to Lawrence St
  • Construction of new pedestrian and cycle access to railway station
  • Construction of new pedestrian and cycle bridge, Hungate site to Navigation Road
  • … And of course the new council HQ, in the renovated West Offices, and the accompanying massive new hotel

But James Alexander thinks that the only significant development is the demolition of the toilet block?

I’ve just remembered why I abandoned this list back in 2009, because there are far too many things to cover …
I know I’ll have missed some significant changes in streets and areas I don’t know so well, but I’ve had enough and have a headache. If you feel there’s a significant omission please feel free to add a comment.

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