‘The Evil Beech Tree of Irton’

September 2011

I’m sure many of us have heard this week of a tree in Irton near Scarborough that’s a ‘public nuisance’. A judge apparently said so, so it must be true. This is clearly just the beginning, and we in York should be on our guard. There are … More …

Big wheel, big objections


This page discusses a controversial plan put forward in December 2010 to site an observation wheel behind York Art Gallery, to the north of the Museum Gardens. This was later withdrawn. A more recent application to site the wheel in York, in the gardens of the Royal York … More …

Factories, and parks

Autumn 2006

Homestead Park, 7 August 2006

This is the Homestead Park, in Clifton, York. About a hundred years ago, a member of the Rowntree family handed his back garden over to local people. On 16 July 1904, Seebohm Rowntree announced that for a … More …

The disappearing brownfield


Planning notice, Foss Bridge House

Government policy to use "brownfield land" (ie previously developed land, rather than greenfield/greenbelt land), along with the high demand
for housing in York, means that the city is covered with yellow planning
notices like the one … More …