Tanner’s Moat photo, undated …


I’d forgotten I had this photo, originally scanned years back, and just rediscovered on my computer.

It’s small, very pale, and faded, but recognisable as a view of Tanner’s Moat (click to enlarge the view) … More …

Marygate Centre

August 2011

Education Committee sign – Marygate Centre. Photo: Boba Low

Rusted York Education Committee plaque. Photo by Boba Low.

Behind the art gallery are dilapidated buildings seen as an eyesore, with no obvious ‘history’. They are soon to be demolished.

Originally used More …

Former WMC, and Tuke family home

June 2011

Former Lawrence St WMC, and Tuke family home, June 2011

I’d forgotten all about this building on Lawrence Street, and it seems I’m not the only one. It looks generally forgotten. Its rather desolate appearance confronted me as I left the More …