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I had a page half-done, it should have been online yesterday, but it’s a lovely sunny morning, beautiful and warm, and frankly I can’t be bothered to finish it. So instead I thought I’d link outwardly to some other interesting things. Recently many old images from various archives have been appearing online. We all love old photos, don’t we.

The Press has opened up its archives and its website includes many collections of photos of York in recent decades.

York Mix has just done the same, featuring old photos from various places including the city archives.

Things have changed so much since I first sat down at a large desktop PC with a massive monitor to make web pages in Dreamweaver. Back then image libraries were carefully guarded and you had to pay to use these images, or at the very least get permission. As discussed in some depth on here a while back. Now there are fascinating old photos all over, archives opened up. Of particular interest are:

York Images – York libraries and archives catalogue

Britain from Above
If you join you’re able to view the images at a much larger size, and it’s really worth doing so. Search for ‘York’ to see some excellent aerial views of the city centre and also some of the suburban areas.

If you know of other image libraries featuring old images of the city, do add a comment with the link.

Whether you’re looking at old photos or enjoying the autumn sunshine, have a good weekend everyone.


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