Siege of York 1644: map

July 2011

A Google map showing the location of the city’s defences, damaged buildings, known homes of important personages, bridges of boats across the Ouse used by the besieging forces, etc.

Load the map in the enlarged view for the full key/list of features marked (opens in new browser window).

View Siege of York 1644 in a larger map

All information is correct to the best of my knowledge. If you want to amend/add anything, email me.


Contemporary accounts of the siege by Henry Slingsby, Christopher Hildyard, Simeon Ashe and others present.

Francis Drake, Eboracum (1736)

Peter Wenham, The Great and Close Siege of York, 1644 (1970)

Information on the city and abbey walls – Barbara Wilson and Frances Mee, The City Walls and Castles of York: the Pictorial Evidence (2005), and St Mary’s Abbey and the King’s Manor, York: the Pictorial Evidence (2009) – both available from York Archaeological Trust

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Page compiled July 2011. Last updated: 10 January 2012.


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