My dongle is broken

Thankfully these pages seem to be loading at normal speed now, rather than at snail’s pace. For most people. Not for me, as my wireless dongle keeps disconnecting and has had to be disabled.

I’ve had to resort to my slow (backup) wifi connection, which is a bit like … More …

Wintry images


I’m full of cold and not wandering about much, indeed barely at all, but I did notice this handsome snowman who appeared at the weekend by the side of the River Ouse, in the Clifton area. Great face – I particularly … More …

A world of dead links

I’m reorganising the content on It’s needed doing for a while.

It’s generally tedious – I expected that. Wasn’t quite prepared though for the amount of dead-ends I’ve found, where these pages link to other sites.

I’m sure that it used to be considered really bad form to leave … More …