All Saints, Pavement

18 July 2007

Stained glass window by Kempe, All Saints', Pavement

This was my second visit to this church, the first being a brief glimpse just before it closed one evening. Here, in the morning, the sun shines through the east windows of the … More …

Holy Trinity, Goodramgate

26 April 2007

Holy Trinity, Goodramgate

I’ve visited Holy Trinity on occasions before, mainly just to sit in the churchyard, when needing a break from the crowded shopping streets. I’ve had a quick look inside before too, and found it very charming. But … More …

Old St Lawrence, Lawrence St

24 July 2007

Old St Lawrence – view

This remnant of the medieval St Lawrence’s church, with its reset Norman doorway, stands in the churchyard alongside its Victorian replacement.

This area of York was badly damaged during the siege of York in … More …

St Stephen, Acomb

3 July 2006

St Stephen's Church, Acomb

I knew little about this church – though I’d probably seen it more times than any other. Thinking about it, it would be the first church I ever saw, as it was visible from the garden … More …