About York Stories: survey comments

From the York and York Stories survey in April 2014, comments on this website and why you visit. Thank you.

… Because it’s one of the most lovingly and carefully constructed websites I’ve ever seen.

A great site – observational, critical and sensitive. York would be a lesser place without it

Thank you for all the extra links e.g. to planning documents, recordings of council meetings etc. These have been very interesting and I would have missed them without your help. And a big thank you for all the hard work. Your photos are great, you include York’s ‘other heritage’ like the railways and confectionery industries and I really do think you reflect the views of a lot of York residents.

beautifully written, always interesting

Love the site and that you are so engaged with the city and the people

This is a fantastic site that I check and recommend regularly. York Stories reveals some hidden and forgotten gems alongside contentious issues. It’s also good to learn about York’s most recent past. As an archaeologist with an interest in all periods, it’s good to see a site which covers the ancient and modern history of York with respect for both.

I come here for well-written, interesting and thoughtful content on things I’m concerned about, to learn things (lost count of the places I’ve had a look at, or a new look at, thanks to this site), and to enjoy content that is thought-provoking and often beautiful in both words and images. Makes me smile and laugh often too.

You are clearly passionate and opinionated about York whilst remaining unbiased and objective. Your website provides just the right amount of detailed, interesting information without becoming the domain of the nerdy obsessive. You also manage to draw attention to things that even a curious, intrigued (nosey!) citizen of York like me has missed.

I really enjoy reading about York and your wonderful site evokes many memories from my childhood in the 1950s to when I left in the 1990s. I really appreciate the hard work that you put into the site, and the even harder work that we as users don’t see or appreciate

We are in awe of the time, effort and dedication you put into this wonderful website. Love to read all the new posts.

I love the site, it’s always interesting and has drawn my attention to issues/places that I would otherwise have not known about.

Always interesting and thoughtful makes me homesick and its not my home !

I get real pleasure from regularly visiting your site and discovering more about subjects/areas that I’ve always been interested in, but have had little time to research for myself. You continue to bring back so many happy memories for me. Thanks so much for the time and effort that you put into making this one of my favourite sites.

thank you for all your efforts in developing this er ? site , this site of yours ??, no this site of ours and all those past present and future people who like me find great pleasure and joy in its pages.

I love reading about the changes and learning about things that are not so readily noticeable or things that you tend to overlook until you get shown the beauty of a design.

Love the site just the way it is, please dont change it.

You are now my second port of call on-line, after a cursory look at The Press headlines. Please don’t stop.

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