York 800 – are you bothered?

I’ve been wondering about mentioning this year’s ‘York 800′ festival, but having been overly opinionated about several things towards the end of 2011, I’ve been avoiding it. (Being opinionated is tiring and requires a lot of energy, particularly if you’re a lone voice, or feel like one.)

I’m mentioning it … More …

River is up … wheel is up

The waters of the Ouse have done their usual autumn/winter thing, and the river level has risen dramatically after recent rain. The wider waters offered bigger reflections of the big sunset, and the big wheel.

wheel_sunset_091211_450.jpgMore …

Big wheel

April 2006

Big wheel, next to the National Railway Museum

A major change to the York skyline – this enormous observation wheel, recently constructed next to the National Railway Museum. It’s quite impressive, certainly against a blue sky. These photos were taken on … More …