York School of Art

June 2011

The former service hostel buildings behind York Art Gallery were used after the war as the Marygate Centre, for further education and evening classes. A section was used by York School of Art (their website includes some fab photos from the 50s-60s, including the long-forgotten sight of cars parked in Exhibition Square).

Plan highlighting buildings used by York School of Art. Many thanks to John C.

The art school already occupied one side of the art gallery, and later expanded to use part of these buildings behind it. Many thanks to John C, a former student, for the illustration. The areas used by York Art School are marked in orange.


  1. Studied graphics at York School of Art in the 60’s and frequently used one of the huts for silk screening and photography lessons – wonderful times!!
    Don’t seem to be able to access the art school website, would love to see some of the photos!

  2. Please let me know if you find a website or other contact information

    • Pauline Taylor

      Hi Norma/Moose, please get in touch.

      • Norma Gray

        Hi Pauline…great to here from you I’m so sorry to have missed all the reunions…are you still in the york area …..Norma x

  3. Clive Quinn

    Studied at the Art school ’63-’64. Magic time.

    • Christine Crowley (nee Wright)

      I was there in the 60’s and I am sure I remember you Clive Quinn !

      • Clive Quinn

        I think I remember your name Christine but can’t put a face to it. It was a LONG time ago!

  4. Rachael Johnson

    My parents were at York Art School in 1959-1961, Antonia Mooney and (the late) Gordon Johnson. Am travelling to York this weekend with my mum and hoping to see some of the photos if the exhibition is still on? I am also trying to contact Paul Wilks who was at the Art School at the same time as my parents

  5. pauline quinton

    I was at school with Antonia Mooney

    Pauline Quinton nee Baynes

  6. Hi there,
    I’m doing some research on some of the past pupils & staff from York School of Art and have come across a Pat Reed (Patrick Richard Reed). Does anyone remember Pat? If so, it would be great to hear from you.

    Many thanks

    • Hello Lotti
      I knew Pat Reed very well both in York and at the RCA – sadly he died recently. Christine

      • Hi Christine,
        Thanks for your message. Yes, I was aware that he had sadly passed away in the Spring. We are organising an exhibition of some of his work which will be held in September… you may wish to come along. Do let me know if so and I will send you an invite…Lotte

  7. Carmen Thompson

    Paul Wilks is my cousin and I would love to contact him. i do go to London frequently where I believe he lives.

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