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After some delay, well, several separate delays and all kinds of issues all over the place to wade through, I’ve now got two ebooks and one actual book all ready for millions of eager readers to buy, in what I hope will be more convenient ways.

Like Amazon, I think we’ve all heard of them haven’t we. Now, on Amazon, these books, by me, all Kindled up and ready to go.

But wait! Don’t leave yet. I’d rather you bought them directly from me, as that way I get more of the money you pay rather than Amazon getting it, and I’ll appreciate it more than Amazon does. So you can also buy them here on this site.

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Only one of them is available in print, but what lovely print it is. This book, a pioneering work produced entirely by me heroically/stupidly taking on all the roles involved in its production, is now available in an updated edition, and has photographs this time. And this time I’m processing the payments, or rather Paypal is, again here on these pages. (If you’d prefer you can buy it from, but the charges for postage will be higher. More info on this page.)

Earlier this year I put both of the ebooks onto to sell them through that rather nice-looking service. I know a couple of people had difficulties/charges because of the currency conversion involved. It didn’t seem as straightforward as I’d hoped, which is why they took a back seat for a while.

So, Amazon it is, for the ebooks, as I knew it probably would have to be, in the end. If you’ve already read either Chocolate and Chicory: York and beyond, by bicycle or When the Suburbs Burned and feel like adding a positive review on Amazon, that would be appreciated.

But of course what you really all want is this actual book made from paper and shiny card. It’s a life-enhancing journey, well, quite a few journeys actually, through the local landscape.

Book pages

And now, after a brief rest, I’ll be getting on with the next one, already sketched out and partly made.


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